Hello Ray, this was a great run.
Saturday, 18 February 2017 13:19:26
13.3 km
4:38 /km
Latest instruction:
Report from the coach

This was your first technical run with SHFT, Ray.

Todays focus was to decrease your ground contact time.

Your target zone was 305 to 325 milliseconds and in this session you ran with an average of 339 milliseconds.

In total you spent 12% of your run in your target zone but 85% above your target zone.

During our next session I would like to continue working on your ground contact time.

The following drills will help you decrease your ground contact time: Butt Kicks, Straight leg run and High Knee.

Looking forward to working with you again soon.

Medical Advice

At a constant pace, increased number of steps per minute will lower ground contact time and reduce the peak mechanical stress on your body.

This is related to a lower vertical displacement of your body's center of mass, which is determinative of the impacts that are created with every step during a running gait.

By taking more steps and lowering the ground reaction time, the loading of bones and tendons will be dispersed on more step cycles and altogether this may reduce the risk for developing impact related overuse injuries.

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