Frequently asked questions

How can I purchase SHFT?

You can purchase SHFT directly from our website:

You can also purchase SHFT on our Facebook page:

Where can I read about terms and use?

Go to and sign in. At the bottom of the page you will find terms and use.

How do I get started?

Go to Here you can read about all the information you need to know before running with SHFT.

Where can I find a User Guide?

The User Guide is available at

Is my phone compatible with SHFT?

Probably! Your phone is compatible with SHFT if it meets the following requirements:

  • Apple: iPhone 4S or newer devices running iOS 8 and above.
  • Android: Devices using Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology, running Android 4.4 and above.

SHFT is not compatible with Windows phones.

Where can I download the app?

If you have an iOS phone, download the app in the App Store.

If you have an Android phone, download the app in Google Play.

Where do I place the pods?

One pod is placed on your chest with the included chest strap. The pod can also be attached to a sports bra, but make sure it is secured firmly and does not bounce around while you run.

The other pod is placed on the outer laces of your right shoe.

Do I need to bring my phone for my run?

Yes. All the data from your pods is being analyzed and translated through the SHFT app, which is the source of the real-time voice coaching.

Where do I place my phone during my run?

You can keep your phone in your hand, in an armband, in your pocket or in a waist pack in front.

Attention: do not keep your phone on your back.

What are SHFT Running Metrics?

SHFT can see more than the human eye and measures several Running Metrics during your run. We measure all the standard metrics such as pace, distance and steps per minute, but we also have a big repertoire of other Running Metrics, such as:

  • Landing position
  • Ground contact time
  • Time in air
  • Landing angle
  • Toe-off angle
  • Step length
  • G-landing
  • Watt
  • Running efficiency
  • Brake effect
  • Body bounce

To read more about the SHFT Running Metrics, go to

What running style will SHFT coach me towards?

Not two people's ideal running style is the same. Since people's bodies and running styles are different, SHFT will get to know you during the Screening- and Technical Runs and coach you, based on this data, towards the most economic running technique.

That being said, we do have some indications of what we strive towards, which is based on science, mathematics, empiricism and general knowledge from our coaches.

How is the technical run built up?

In the initial run, there is a screening. Based on the result of the screening, the coach chooses a training focus, which will be the primary focus throughout the next training sessions. After your 9th running session, there will be a new screening with a new focus.

Can I delete a run?

Yes. However, at the moment it is only possible to delete runs through the portal. The deleted runs will not influence your statistics.

Can I listen to music while running with SHFT?

Yes. The volume of the music will simply lower, when you get instructions from the coach.

What if it starts raining during my run?

Don't worry! SHFT is water resistant, so just keep running.

How long is the battery life?

Your pods can be used for approximately 7 hours in use.

They will go on Sleep Mode after ten minutes without movement.

They can last up to 30 days in Sleep Mode.

We recommend charging your pods for 45 minutes to be fully charged.

How is SHFT different from other running gadgets?

SHFT collects all its data from two pods: one on the right foot and one on the chest.

We can measure used energy in watt when running or walking. We use real time coaching and not just feedback based on data. Data is uploaded directly to the app and portal and you don't have to synchronize after your running session.

Can I share SHFT with a running partner?

Yes. However, you have to have separate user accounts, since your running history is used to coach you. Mixing up runners' individual style will negate the personalized coaching.

Can I join a newsletter?

Yes! Go to At the bottom of the page you can sign in using your name and email address.

How do I know my pods are updated?

Log in to your SHFT app. Go to Settings > Advanced > Upgrade pods.

I found your app on the App Store/Google Play – why doesn't it work?

SHFT is more than a running app. SHFT is a system that consist of two pods as well as an app. The pods will collect data while you run, and the app will translate this data into real-time coaching and feedback.

To get the pods, go to

The pods don't connect – what should I do?

Send an email briefly explaining what has happened to, including the email that you used to set up the SHFT account with.

If there has been a pod connection fail during your run, you also need to include answers to the following questions:

  • Where do you place your phone during your run (if on arm, which arm)?
  • How have you placed the pods (which foot, where on the foot - on the chest strap over/under shirt?)

I've had a technical issue during a run – how do I get help?

Send an email briefly explaining what has happened during your run to

For our support team to help you the best way possible, you need to include answers to the following questions:

  • What email did you use to set up your SHFT account?
  • What phone do you use, and what iOS/Android version?
  • What version of SHFT app do you have? (Settings > Advanced > Version)
  • Do you have other Bluetooth peripherals connected while running (smart watch, wireless headphones other sports trackers)?
  • Where do you place your phone during your run (if on arm, which arm)?
  • How have you placed the pods (which foot, where on the foot - on the chest strap over/under shirt?)

You will also need to upload your logs, so we can have a look at the run.

Don't forget to upload the logs within five days of your run.

You upload your logs by going to the SHFT App > Settings > Advanced > Upload logs