Coach settings
Voice Coach ON
The Voice Coach is ON by default. When the Voice Coach is ON, SHFT will give you positive feedback and Instructions about what metric to focus on and how to improve your technique.

Furthermore, you can choose what Type of Feedback you want to hear and at what Feedback Interval.

Feedback Interval is available at every:
  • 250 meters
  • 500 meters
  • 1000 meters

Feedback Type can be one or more of:
  • Pace
  • Speed
  • Distance
  • Time
Voice Coach OFF
When the Voice Coach is OFF, the SHFT Coach will not start a coaching session during your run. SHFT will collect all metrics, but only give you voice feedback on your selected metrics.

Instead, you can choose what metrics you want feedback on. When the Coach is OFF, you can also select Feedback Type and at what interval you want to hear both messages.

The Feedback Interval and Feedback Type functions work as when Coach is ON.

Feedback metrics:
  • Steps per minute
  • Ground contact time
  • Landing position
  • Watt
  • Running efficiency

Choose Voice Coach OFF, if you want to focus on the development of one or more specific metrics, or if you have a coach telling you to improve a specific metric, which is not your Focus Metric when Voice Coach is ON.

In advanced settings, you can change settings of the coach and the Pods. The Coach has two modes; Short coach demo and full coach.
Short coach demo mode is an introductory version of our coach which does not use our coacing system at all.
Full coach is the full coaching experience, which we recommend.

The Pods can either be in live pod mode or in simulated pod mode.
Simulated Pod mode is made for you to experience SHFT without running.
Live pod mode gives you the full running experience, and requires you to run, which we truly recommend.
Full coach demo and live pod mode is on per default.

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