Finishing a run



  • Press the stop button
  • After a run is stopped, you will receive the Coach's report of your run and get instant access to analysis of your running data on the App
  • The report will give you a conclusion of your run, based on the development in your focus metric - the metric you have been training to optimize - and further metrics. The conclusion will also evaluate your SHFT Score and Running Efficiency
  • SHFT will recommend a number of Technical Drills to improve your running technique, show an animation of your run and give you detailed information about your run, including charts for each metric. (See the “Analyzing your run” section for more details).
  • Your running data will be available in the SHFT Portal (see Data connection for more details)
  • The Pods will automatically change to sleep function
  • If they need to be charged, the Pods will blink red, in which case, you need to charge them (see Charging the pods for more details)

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