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By selecting your latest workout, or a run from your previous runs, you will get access to your running data.

You will see normal running data like average Pace, Speed, Distance, and Time, but you will also see your Watt and receive a Coach conclusion of your run.

In the middle of the screen, you will see a triangle with four circles. The three largest circles are Categories and the center circle is our SHFT Score.
SHFT divides all running metrics into 3 categories with a score:
  • Movement
  • Impact
  • Efficiency
In the Movement category, we include the metrics that you as a runner can influence and change during your run.

In the Impact Category, we include the metrics that reflect the mechanical stress on the body during your run. These metrics are consequences of the metrics in the Movement Category.

In the Efficiency Category, we include metrics that best describe the efficiency of your running style. All metrics will influence your Running Efficiency, but the metrics included in this Category are the metrics with the highest influence.

If you click on one of the three Categories, you are directed to a new page which displays your running data for each metric within this Category.

You can go into further details for each metric. By clicking one of them, SHFT directs you to a new page that includes a visualization of the metric illustrating how it works, and a graph showing the development of the metric during your run.

For further analysis, cross analysis, and comparisons, please log into your account on the SHFT Portal.

SHFT score
The SHFT Score is the overall score of your run, including a score from all running metrics and a weighted score from each category.

Beneath the triangle on the right hand side there is an icon that gives you access to an animation of how you run. This animation is based on your data.

The animation shows how your right foot is landing on the ground, and taking off. The metrics used in the animation are:

  • Ground contact time
  • Steps per minute
  • Landing angle
  • Toe-off angle
With these metrics, SHFT creates an animation of how you run to give you a visual look of your running style.

By pressing history, you can slide through all your previous runs to see the Conclusions and Coach Report, view the Category scores, and see your SHFT Score.

In the top of the screen, you will see a graph with the development of your runs within a selected month. When you slide to a run from an earlier month, the graph will shift to data belonging to the corresponding month.

Please remember that the SHFT Portal provides data in more detail.

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